Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pondering the Possibilities

When I was a child in a small town in Arkansas my phone number was 255. That's it. Three little numbers. Then it became 3255, and eventually 501-6__-3255. Progress, I guess. Now I look for those numbers and photograph them when I find them. I also photograph other numbers that are the same as phone numbers or house numbers of the homes in which I've lived.  7770. 2420. 1073. 643. Like that. Someday I'll use them in a journal that's all about HOME.

I'll get to see my home in Arkansas next week when I visit my brother. Family no longer lives there but it's like a pilgramage for me when I return to my home town, a time for remembering the people and events that shaped my life and to give thanks to God for them.  Do you ever do that? Or is it only me because I'm so far away and returning happens infrequently.

If there are numbers on the house I'll take a picture.

We recently spent a couple of days at the beach and hit the weather just right. I set up a card table on the deck and worked in the sun on my journal.

Below is an industrial building in Portland that the owners have painted with consideration to their across the street neighbors. The colors give me ideas for a painting or a collage.

I'll be traveling for the next couple of weeks and will probably ignore blogging. If you've subscribed you'll know when I'm back. My intention as I travel is to capture lots of pictures of houses and trees because I want to focus on those subjects for awile in my journals, paintings, sketchbooks, and daily collages. Maybe telling you about it will make me accountable.


  1. what a beautiful spot to create. love the photo with the bird on the rooftop.

    yes i agree those people and places do shape us.
    unfortunately i do not have many fond memories of my childhood.

    have a wonderful time traveling.

  2. A little piece of heaven.

    My sister's and I find ourselves darn to the nuances of the farm we grew up on (our Mum still lives there) They photograph all these places and things and I use them often in mixed media, while my sister Kel blogs, writing wonderful stories. Savour your trip back home.

  3. Like you, home is too far but I try to go every other year, it brings great memories of my childhood!

  4. It will be great to read your reactions and see your pictures all about your trip back home. OK-holding you accountable!

  5. hello. I have been on a trip teaching a workshop and now I see you are on a trip. I also love numbers...also love the shadow photos of you in your sidebar-- I assume they are of you. have a good trip.

  6. just stopping by to say hi, and hope you are having a wonderful trip!!


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