Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Sketchbook Project - Central Oregon

It seems like more than 2 weeks since I last posted and I'm pushing myself to get at least one post written this weekend. This is Central Oregon, high desert country that's surrounded by mountains and topped with blue sky, a land of lakes and rivers, fields of crops, and wildlife of all kinds.  My intention for next week is to finish this Sketchbook Project.

My visits with family and old friends was SO good. While in Dallas my cousins and I went to the Dallas Aboretom and were amazed by the unique uses of squash and pumpkins in the Storybook Pumpkin Village. It was an orange colored vacation.

Everywhere I turned there was orange... trees, pumpkins, and the orange shirts of tens of thousands of Oklahoma State Cowboys. It was a blast to go back for homecoming and visit with college friends. We stayed with my friend from long ago and talked a bit of old times but mostly about who we are today.

In Arkansas we ate barbeque at my favorite place and in my home town we went to Pop's Pond and got in some target practice...

It was nice to see that I can still hit my target with my dad's old 22.
Quick sketch done at the local airport while my brother worked on his Ultralight, the one that broke a wheel off during an unscheduled landing.

And yes, I did do some sketching here and there. But I find it hard to make art when I'm with people; I need solitude to concentrate on drawing and I preferred to talk with those I love rather than mess with art making. I have plenty of time for that but never enough time for faraway family. However, I took lots of photos to remind me of happy times.
Jim entering his shed


  1. So glad you are back and may you finish the sketchbook this week! I like orange too-the pumpkin house sure was unique! Love your watercolor sketches but agree-mess around with the art later-eat up those precious times with family & friends. Looking forward to your sketcbook progress and seeing more of Oregon.

  2. sounds like you are having a wonderful trip.
    love the picture of your sassy self and the gun!!
    and your watercolor sketches are great!!

  3. This looks awesome! And your sketching is just great! I wish I could paint like you :(

  4. Sounds like you had a great trip. Your Central Oregon sketchbook pages really capture the landscape. Love the movement of the horses. Hope all is well with you


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