Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Sketchbook Project - Beaverton Farmer's Market

Beaverton Farmer's Market

My routine from May through October is to attend the Beaverton Farmer's Market early on Saturday morning. I buy a pastry from Grand Central Baking Co., buy a cup of coffee and find a bench next to the fountains in the park and do a bit of people watching before actually shopping.

This market is unique in that there are no crafts allowed other than those which are food related such as jams, fruit vinegars, desserts to go and gorgeous floral arrangements. The lanes are lined with around 100 kiosks selling produce, dairy, and meats/seafood direct from the grower.

I take lots of photos of people and produce and color, but at the last market day, shown above, the colors of the surrounding trees were amazing. My camera battery went out after just 2 photos so I ran home to get my dSLR and returned record the incredible color.


  1. Jo this is great!! I love how you use your photographs and sketch!!! Eating pastry, drinking hot coffee, in such a lovely place - fun - fun - fun!!!

  2. These collages are so cool!

  3. What a way to spend a Saturday morning, sounds wonderful and oh the colours of the leaves are stunning.

  4. love this one-the colors, design, use of space & the story!


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