Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life is Short

photo by Jo Reimer

Please visit my online friend Bren of eSynergy whose post today points to an essay by David Duchemin called Life is Short. In that moving post and the one following he says

" is short and no one is going to live
my life on my behalf.
And one day soon my candle will burn out;
I want it to burn hot and bright while it’s still lit.
I want it to light fires and set others ablaze.

Life is short. Live it now.
And live it with all your strength and passion now.
Don’t keep it in reserve against a day you might not have.
While the ember is still lit, fan it to flame.
Be bold about it, even if your circumstances mean
all you have is to love and laugh boldly."

Thanks, Bren, for the introduction to David's essay on living life to the fullest.  I find it so interesting how God works things together in this life and how through a connection to someone I've never met he brings the answer I was searching for. 
David also asks his readers to complete the sentence:
"Life is short and therefore I will....."
That's my journal prompt for today.


  1. It is so amazing how inter connected we all are, God just loves to link us up in unexpected ways. So glad you are hearing his voice guiding you, reaffirming all he has designed you to be. It's a great life!

  2. Great encouraging reminder. You have such creative friends!


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