Monday, May 21, 2012

Walk Away

by Jo Reimer
Walkin Away
15" x 13"
Acrylic on Rives BFK

Rives BFK is a cotton rag print-making paper, used most often by printermakers/artists to make monotypes, lithographs, and for drawing. I've come to enjoy using it as a painting substrate because it stays flat when I use watercolor or acrylic paints. In fact, as the acrylic builds up on the surface the work takes on a leatherlike hand that's very pleasing to me.


  1. Jo, this is wonderful, as is Bluff. wish i could see the texture you are speaking of.

    i have not painted a thing since the need to get back in my studio!!

    1. The texture isn't anything you can see, Mary. It's how the painting feels. The acrylic sinks into the paper rather than sitting on top and with many coats it takes on a unique feel. Buy a sheet of BFK and paint on it. You'll see/feel. Another benefit is that it lies flat without buckling.

  2. This is a wonderful piece, love the composition. and I'm with you about the Rives BFK, and it's wonderful leather like texture.

  3. Very nice and nice to know you are still creating. Sandy Jandik

  4. Lovely Jo! Thanks for showing this piece and telling us about the Rives BFK.

  5. I've just checked prices on BFK and found that it's cheapest at Daniel Smith. These prices are for packs of 10: (plus shipping)
    Daniel Smith: $3.19 ea ($2.58 iin packs of 100)
    Blick: $3.41 (special order might be less $)
    ASW: $4.94
    Last summer I could have bought it for $2.74!!!
    Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda.

  6. Jo this is fantastic! I love the abstract nature and the black ink with all the color!


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