Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Making New Friends

by Jo Reimer
back row: Randall, Celeste
front: Jo, Cathleen, Annie, Carol
Last week Randall Tipton and Carol Marine invited a few Oregon artists for brunch and to meet one another. Carol and her family recently moved to Eugene, OR after their Texas home was leveled by fire.

What a fun time we had getting acquainted.  By the time a couple of hours had passed you'd have thought we'd been friends for ages.

Celeste Bergin lives in Portland and loves to paint en plein aire.
Cathleen Rehfeld lives in Hood River and also paints plein aire and teaches at  the Columbia Center for the arts.
Annie Salness is a studio artist who lives just a few blocks from me but our paths hadn't crossed.

Click on each name above to access their blogs and treat yourself to seeing some mighty fine art.

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  1. Hey Jo, thanks for the mention! It was a pure pleasure to meet you--I am now a fan! Hope to see you again soon down the road!


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