Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grass and Forest painting

Grass and Forest
acrylic on paper
15" x 11"
Today felt like a painting day but I needed to stay indoors so I pulled out a photo from a hike last year and went to work. I'm just getting a feel for the materials again so I didn't expect to produce a masterpiece but I'm satisfied with the work. I'll probably paint this again and again, and maybe soon I can return to the reserve and paint directly.

I used both fluid and heavy body acrylics, a mix of Golden and Holbein. with lots of water to make the work juicy. I'm leaning strongly toward using the thinner paint because I invaribly like to work thin so I get to play with drips and splatters.


  1. Thanks to both of you. It was fun to do and QUICK.

  2. It's beautiful, can see why you'd want to keep painting it again and again


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