Monday, August 18, 2014

Do Two Fish Make A Skool?

Fishes Teapot by Jo Reimer   
I was driving home Saturday from a round of errands when I had this crazy urge to stop at Home Goods just to see if they had something I had to have. I found this teapot! I HAD to have this teapot. It needed drawing and if I didn't buy it someone who doesn't draw might buy it and then that sweet little teapot would never be famous in that special way that teapots get when someone who loves them draws them. I'm still grinning over my find and I hope you'll smile a little, too.

Sketchbook Skool is over for the summer but I'm still drawing, not exactly like a mad woman, but lots, lots for me, at least. It's getting easier. I see the shapes more accurately and feel more confident with my marks and now I can say that I have established a drawing practice, one which I intend to keep up here on out. 

Do I plan to enroll in the next session of SBS? Yes, absolutely. It's been so good for me and for thousands of others. A new session starts in October and both of the two original sessions, Beginning and Seeing, are also available.


  1. Cheryl Doran-Girard1:46 PM PDT

    The teapot is so cute--I'd take it home in a second. Your drawing--I'm in awe of your skills!! Hope you are well and happy, Jo.

    1. Thanks Cheryl. Don't be in awe. I started as a non-drawer and am just simply practicing. My success is starting to show which makes me very happy. And yes, I'm well and happy. I've lost your email or would write directly. It's been quite awhile since our Ancestor Deck days, hasn't it?


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