Sunday, August 03, 2014

Simple magazine collages, a beginners class

Four of  my friends were sure they couldn't make art but I proved them wrong. Using nothing but magazine pages and a fre pieces of my painted paper we made these works of art in less than two hours. I'm so proud of them.

by Joanne Isom
10 x 6"
Five friends who aren't familiar with making art spent part of an afternoon learning to make simple collages using torn magazine pages. They each experienced the shift that so often happens during the creative process, when ones original intention shifts into creating something that wasn't part of the original plan. It's usually better because it comes intuitively and from somewhere deep within.
Joan Anderson
We worked on gesso end cardboard, fast, but without confidence at first, and then the magic started to happen. Of course I helped, suggesting improvements in composition and offering encouragement when confidence faltered, but the results were spectacular.
Lois Bennett
Lois, a professional photographer, has an obvious eye for contrast and had a grand time making a mess with glue as she played with light and color.

Loie Goff
10 x 6" 
It was interesting to me to look through the collection of images my friends tore from the magazines. Each asked me to look through their images and "read" what I saw in their choices. Loie loves simplicity, spareness, and containment. That's apparent in this lovely collage. While sticking to her color scheme she chose images which speak about serenity and careful placement.

Jo Reimer
Demo collage
This is the collage I made as a demo, quickly torn papers glued to the support to form a background overlaid with  a photo and words suggest cheerfully and energetically living the best life possible at the moment.


  1. What Fun!
    I teach collage, and I love sharing lessons like this.

  2. Fun stuff, Jo! I know you had as much fun as your students did. Nice results too!


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