Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Jo Goes Hunting

Little Jo has her new orange hunting vest.
She's rounded up a pack of hunting
dogs who'll follow her anywhere.
She completed Hunter Safety class,
and all she needs now is a gun
and a ride and she's good to go.


  1. This must be so fun coming up with stories about you!

  2. Yes, these stories are very cute. I laugh because my middle name is 'Hunter'. Oh, did I get teased about it growing up!! lol

  3. What's really fun about it is that the stories aren't necessarily about me. I never went hunting, never took hunter safety, never owned an orange vest, but I CAN shoot pretty well. Dad took both of us kids out to the woods and made sure we knew which end to point and how to pull a trigger.

  4. This orange vest reminds me of paper dolls. So funny !

  5. What a fun page, my hubby would appreciate a gal who likes to hunt :-)

  6. oh Jo this so puts a smile on my face! it would have been fun to watch you put this together I think. :)

  7. i had to dip into my husband's Oregon Hunter and American Hunter magazine for the dogs and for the article... definitely a first. I'm glad you relate.


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