Thursday, June 21, 2012

Magazine + acrylic medium + Nevr-Dull

by Jo Reimer
These are two facing pages from a magazine.
The one on the right is stamped with gel medium.
The one on the left has been rubbed with Nevr-Dull.

I often run out of steam in the evening yet I want to be productive rather than just sit in front of the TV with my mind out of gear. So a couple of nights ago I got out a stack of magazine pages, a can of Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish, some soft gel medium, and a collection of circular things I could use for stamps.  (This is not my invention but is something I saw online and don't remember where.)

I chose magazine pages with lots of visual texture and pattern and stamped overlapping circles using lids, etc. dipped into the gel medium.  After the medium dried I tore off a chunk of the wadding, rubbed the compound across the page, let it sit for a minute or two in order to soften and liquify the ink a bit, and then using quite a bit of elbow grease I smeared and removed the ink, leaving the circles which were protected by the medum.

detail of gel medium stamped onto the page before rubbing
Warning: Nevr-Dull is made of petroleum distilates so take precautions. I wear gloves and of course I don't feed it to small children. There's a definite odor about it.  The product is used for polishing metals including silverware and automotive trim. I bought it years ago in an auto parts store. I forget why!

These were two facing pages from magazine.
Left page is stamped; right page has been rubbed.

Two more pages ready to use in collage.


  1. Do you use gloss magazine pages for this technique? I know people who only use National Geographic, or other thick and glossy paper.
    Just wondering~~something I have wanted to try for ages.
    It's *on-my-list*..... ;-)


    1. Yes, Anne, I used glossy pages from magazines and catalogs.. no Nat. Geo. for this one but when I originally heard of using Nevr-Dull it was coupled with Nat. Geo.
      It did not work on an older expensive German fashion magazine, but did work for a West Elm catalog and a travel magazine.

  2. You are always experimenting and sharing. Thank you Jo!

  3. hi Jo - just received my new journal - love it and can't wait to use it! I took a class a few years ago using never dull - very fun and very cool results... ENJOY! an d thanks again!!!!!!

    1. Susi, I'm glad you like your Paint Table Journal and hope you'll show us what you've done with it someday.
      I'd also like to know how you used the Nevr-Dull, too.

    2. hi Jo - check out the link above - it will explain the steps and show the pieces I did. we used nat geo pages, glued to cardboard, outlined with glue and when dried used the never dull - it really loves the nat geo pages (because of the clay?) and everyone's pages were so very cool! Also, neglected to thank you for the extras included - loving my book!!!!!

  4. interesting technique, be fun to try out various shapes and things. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

    Acrylic Magazine


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