Friday, June 15, 2012

...and the Winner is.....

 by Jo Reimer
Preparing a fresh cover for my paint table

I decided to give away both Paint Table Journals and the winners are Ruth Armitage and Susi.  Congratulations! I hope you have a grand time doing whatever you want with these journals. After all, they didn't cost you a thing so it's okay to draw, collage, write, and just make a general artistic mess in your new journal.

I need your address, Susi. I have yours, Ruth. Expect a package very soon.



  1. Looks like I missed your post on the give aways, congrats to those who were the lucky winners :-)

  2. What a surprise! Your beautiful package came in the mail today, along with a rejection letter from a show. What a nice salve for my wounded pride! I hadn't seen this post, so it was a wonderful shock to see your bright parcel in the mailbox :) Thank you Jo! I will enjoy putting it to good use.
    xo Ruth

    1. I'm so sorry about your rejection letter, Ruth, and am glad that the journal package brightened your day.
      Let's see... you could tear the rejection letter into strips and glue them into the journal and add some colorful paper strips and watercolor crayons to make beauty from ashes.


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