Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another page from my Paint Table Journal

by Jo Reimer
 page in Paint Table Journal-2
 Here's another example of how I'm currently using my paint table journals. I greatly admire the work of printmaker, Anne Moore .  After browsing her website last weekend I made little prints of two pieces of her work and glued them into my journal. As I studied the works I made notes about elements of her work that I might use in my own work. I would not copy Ms. Moore's art for any reason but I might appropriate elements of it, changed to suit my own aesthetic.

For instance, I already have sheets of paper in my stash that look a lot like something in her work so I tore off bits of two papers and glued them to the journal page as a reminded that I have these papers and know where to get more. I suspect that she used this same paper to print the image on the left side of both pieces, but not being a printmaker I'll glue the paper onto a collage or glue a bit to board to create texture and paint over it. I made notes about the look of text, something that's long interested me.

I noted,  "I'm drawn to Anne Moore's work because of the look of text which indicates something deeper happening below the surface." and  "lines across the top; text area on left; written text on top of paint; large circles".  This is one way I learn and advance in my approach to the easel.  As I start working with what I taught myself  on this journal page I know that my work will take on my own style and end up looking nothing like hers.

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  1. i love all of your work... love the paint table journals. I have an old desk calander on my table which i work on, clean off my brushes, glue to, etc. and use the paper for a base, parts and pieces (strips too) for other items. I love the pure abandon look. would love to win one of yours!

    1. What a good idea, to use an old calendar to clean off your brushes and use the paper for collage material later. That gives you grid lines and numbers with an overlay of color. I'll bet several of us will try this. Thanks.
      And congratulations on your win.

  2. I love Anne Moore as well. I'm a beginner monotype printer - learn from her work as well as yours.

  3. Lovely Jo! You're on a roll with these!


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