Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cancellation Stamps

Cancellation Stamp: Petra, Jordan

… about collecting cancellation stamps in my sketchbook... it IS a good idea! I got one of my first cancellation stamps at a post office in France and another in a tiny closet-sized post office in Jordan… and I have many others, even one from my neighborhood PO branch office. Whether I have to pantomime what I want or simply ask in plain English, invariably the person in charge of cancellation stamps grins and willingly complies by stamping in my book alongside my drawing using their cancellation stamp that shows the date of my visit.

I discovered that the US National Parks sell a “Passport” that’s similar to a real passport with spaces in the little book where you collect rubber stamp cancellations or affix pictorial stamps which you can buy in the park visitors center. You don’t buy the rubber stamp; you use the stamp and ink pad that’s available free of charge. Some state parks and local parks have similar stamps.
Cancellation Stamps on paper
Petrified Forest National Park
The Painted Dessert
Historic Route 66

I don’t have a park passport; I collect my stamp in my sketchbook or on a piece of paper that I’ll glue into my book later.


  1. Once again, you have inspired and taught...2 things that are soooo wonderful for a person to do :-)
    I will check out the site for the paint - I have 'started' watercoloring just a bit and love your soft, ethereal paintings..

  2. what a GREAT idea Jo for the dating of the sketchbook entries! and THANKS for the national park idea, the kids would like that. I bet your grand kids are already working on it! LOVE the way you incorporated the stamp into the sketch. you are SO creative!

  3. Yes! Supercool idea for having them 'stamp' your sketchbook, I will keep that in mind next time I travel. As always-thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Hi Jo

    I like your idea...it gives the work a touch of place and authenticity...

    The stamps are a very big thing in Japan. Each temple or historic place will have the stamp pad at the ready. You can buy special stamp collecting books too. The officials will also write into your book on the visit day...at a price!

    Happy days

  5. Hey, thanks a lot ! Now I know what the English for "cachet de la poste" is...

  6. Jo, I didn't know that they were called cancelation stamps, but now I do. What a cool hobby, hehe, like fruit sticker collecting but much more time consuming... ;-)

  7. Love the watercolor...


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