Friday, June 11, 2010

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
Daily Collage
I used 6 pieces from my Bit Basket today plus some lace from my wedding gown.
Yes, I cut up my beautiful wedding gown and the sky didn't fall nor did our marraige dissolve on the spot. Several years ago we were invited to an anniversary party for those in my church who were married in August. I dug out my wedding gown to see if it still fit. The lace sleeve ripped as I pushed my arm into it.. so I didn't wear the dress to the party but have now cut into it to salvage some of the lace to use in my artwork and I'll save some for my grandchildren in case they get nostalgic.
I used YES glue and it's holding the lace to the paper but I think the best way to add glue may be to iron the lace onto some fusible interfacing. Then I can cut the lace at will and iron it onto collages or journal pages.


  1. Jo, it's amazing what the lace does for this page.....As for using the lace, you just changed it from one form to memory to another.....brave woman you most of us settle to leave things in their original form.....

  2. I love the lace, it really does add so much! I so like that you said about your dress and that you are using bits of it in your work.

    I really like the colors in this, it's so pleasing!

  3. What a wonderful idea. The lace really does add to the collage. I've been thinking of cutting mine up too... my daughter is already married and doesn't like my style anyway and I have only grandsons. May as well spread the joy. We've been married 33 years so I think we are safe... lol.
    Thank you.

  4. You're so brave using that beautiful lace - mine was champagne colored slubbed silk - i must visit that dress & see if I can't just think of it as wonderful fabric!

    I've just been catching up with you as i've finally finished my 50th postcard! Loved those gardens you visited & of COURSE there's potential in strips & stripes - my postcards are based on bits of those! & yours that you sent me with the drawing was great. There are also straps, of course...!


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