Saturday, June 12, 2010

TriMet Travel

Bits Basket

Above is a shot of my Bits Basket and a collage as I first laid it out... and below is the finished piece.

TriMet Travel

Bits and pieces find purpose in my little daily collages. The subject has to do with the people who are served by TriMet which provides public transportation in Portland on the local bus system, the light rail and the streetcars. The ticket is an old one and the Travel bit served to mark the contents of a drawer in my studio. Other bits include wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, faces from a magazine image, a paint sample, stenciled paper, and a scrap of hand painted fabric.


  1. Hi Jo

    I love to learn of all the bits that go to make a collage, their history is a story...alongside the allure of the artwork...

  2. Love the colors on this one! Wish I can do it too.

  3. Delwyn, I decided a few years ago to use images and bits from my own life, my family and friends, myself, my history... to make art that directly speaks out of my life experiences. There are lots of tempting images available to anyone but these would not be as personal as what's clearly mine. I have a unique story to tell and a unique way to tell it.
    Herm, you CAN do it. All it takes to develop an eye for collage is practice and a bit of knowledge of the elements and principles of design. Go ahead and try.


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