Monday, June 14, 2010

Draw... even if you think you can't

Montezuma's Castle

Here are a few sketches from the small sketchbook that I always carry in my handbag. I seldom have much time to work on these so they aren't particularly good drawings but they are a perfect way to remind me of the day and the place, better by far than a photograph. If possible, I try to get someone to stamp my page. Sometimes I stop in at the local post office or as above I use the official stamp that's often available in the national or state park information center or gift shop.

Pendleton, Oregon

La Connor, WA

Beaverton OR Farmer's Market

Draw. Even if you think you can't draw... DRAW. Soon you'll find that you CAN DRAW. That's how I learned. Put a little sketchbook in your purse or pocket or car along with a mechanical lead pencil or a fine point pen. Draw in it. You never have to show anyone. This is private practice until you decide to show someone what you've learned to do.


  1. Jo, with today's blog you have inspired me to DRAW, I know I can't but I will try it now that I'm in Minnesota!!!

  2. Jo, these are more than pretty good!! Love the stamp idea!

    You know, I have always said, "I can't draw." Therefore I do not draw!! I'm gonna be brave - I'm gonna pull out a sketchbook!!


  3. I love this and the idea for the stamp is simply genius ! Do you also carry watercolors or do you finish at home? I just showed everyone at work and they LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea! You are soo inspirational!

  4. Great advice about drawing and I love your little sketches of places you've visited. They make you feel like you're right there. Thanks for sharing.

  5. If I can influence even one person to start a drawing habit I'll be a happy woman.
    Coleen, you asked about whether I take watercolors with me... yes, most of the time I have a tiny watercolor paintbox made from an Altoids Gum container stashed in my purse as well as a Niji Waterbrush. See this post for more about palettes: Thanks for sharing my bog with your co-workers. That's really nice!

  6. I didn't know you could get stamps at parks and such. What a wonderful idea.
    I am going to start carrying my little sketchbook and using it. I love your Montezuma Castle and all the drawings with the light colors. Very inspiring.

  7. Hi Jo, thank you for the nice comments on the Masters collage book and on my work. Yes I agree-- drawing is so important and what a great idea to have a small sketchbook in your purse.


I appreciate comments and questions.

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