Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Walking in the Rain

At the end of Northwest South Street, just up the road apiece, there's a new path through some old woods. A quiet place where only the birds accompany my footsteps. I love walking the few short yards from the end of the street, through the woods, and out at the top into the back of the local elementary school. I've forgotten the name of this little plant but it looks like God spread a bunch of green hearts at my feet, just to say "I love you", at least I think that's what he said. Aren't they pretty?

When I come to the top of the hill there's this whole hillside of lupine, beautiful any time of day, though better in the sun than Friday in the rain.

Small ginko trees line the edge of the sidewalk.


  1. These are beautiful, serene shots. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jo, The top picture could be the hiking trail at our place that goes up the mountain....Uncanny...
    Sounds like you enjoy walking your trail as much as I do mine...
    Hugs and Blessings

  3. This is so lovely. I went to a butterfly pavilion in Colorado a few years ago. Inside was kind of like your path picture. I watched a pair of white butterflies soar above the path, turn the corner, and as I followed I pictured them as fairies leading me to enchantment. I picture them on your path too.

  4. Ah Jo, beautiful! Especially the field of Lupines.

    Thanks for sharing your walk - oh and your suggestion about glue! :)

    BTW, the precious little heart leafs are love notes to you from God!! :)

  5. I'm glad you've been stirred by my photos just as I was. That truly is a serene place, Gina Lee, that is when I'm there alone as is the case most early mornings.
    It's interesting, Pat, that this path is so much like yours, but then again I've been on quite a few paths that are so similar in nature. I haven't seen any butterflies there yet but maybe I will someday. I'll be sure to follow them if I do.
    That's what I thought, too, Mary.

  6. You are lucky to have a walk that beautiful! Lupines and ginko trees are two of my favorite things.

  7. Anonymous8:22 AM PDT

    such beautiful images! I agree...there is still a childlike pleasure about walking in the rain, or just after heavy rains, when everything is wet and puddles everywhere. May we never lose the delight in something so smaal but waonderful.


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