Friday, February 18, 2011

Tiffany X Two

Tiffany x Two

Here's another quick and easy collage, created with painted papers, part of a discarded painting (bottom left and top), a bit of sheet music, and two canceled stamps. The sweeping curved line across the bottom was a happy accident.

A dozen years back I started tearing canceled stamps off all the mail that came to the house and now I have a good sized collection to use in my collages. Some are sorted by theme: Christmas, birds, patriotic, animals, etc. while others are crammed into a few small cellophane envelopes.

Now I'm thinking that I'll start a collection of bits and pieces of other papers.  I have a little box of triangles, aka roofs for my little houses, and another little box of squares.

Yes, I am a fairly organized person. I had to get interested in organizing in order to control the chaos I'd make otherwise because it doesn't come naturally. I've read lots of books on the subject and put much of what I've read to good use.  Still... I'm not methodical about the way I handle things in my studio and clutter builds up until I can't stand it anymore. So every few days I set a timer for 30 minutes and use the time to quickly tidy up an area of my studio... or my kitchen, or the bathroom.  


  1. love the muted colours in this. great tips on how to handle the clutter that quickly builds when we are working on something. Like you I've done a lot of reading on organizing over the years and I find myself playing with various ideas for storing and stashing as well as the quick constant use stuff :-)

  2. I hang my head in shame when I read how organised and tidy other's studios are! I think I might adopt your 30 min timer idea, it's a great idea.

  3. Thanks Carrie. Getting organized and keeping ahead of the clutter is a never-ending battle. If I don’’t make the effort over and over again the visual clutter would overwhelm me. And even with the bit of effort I do take I’m sometimes stymied in such a way that I can’t settle down to work. Good luck with your timer. Even a timed 10 minutes helps a lot. A friend spends the last 10 minutes before she goes to bed straightening her living areas so she wakes to a straightened house… and she’s done that for 50+ years. I don’t go that far!


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