Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Writing on the Wall... collage

by Jo Reimer
Writing on the Wall
10" x 30" x 1"
Collage on Cradled Canvas

Since I've stockpiled a number of cradled canvases I decided to experiment with presenting collages on the canvas even though I prefer a smooth surface for collage since the papers are more likely to form a strong bond.

The first step was to add a smooth coating of gesso and then a coat of gel medium to prepare the surface. The gel medium ensures that areas which don't immediately bond can be fixed later by ironing that area. The heat melts the medium on the substrate as well as the medium on back of the papers, sealing them together forever. I only needed to do that in one area across the bottom.

I drew the shape of the canvas onto my paint table paper and designed the compositon in that area rather than working directly on top of the canvas.

The paper in the middle area is what I call "writing that can't be read", sort of code writing. This was done by a friend and photocopied onto washi paper.

I love collage!


  1. Anonymous11:38 AM PDT

    Jo, I really like this piece! There are elements I'd like to learn how to do. Let's get together in July.

    Mary Beth

  2. This is an amazing piece!

  3. Oh yeah Jo!!! It is beautiful! I feel privileged I got to see it in process in person (even more beautiful). Thank you!

  4. Beautiful, Jo! Love that silouetted figure...

  5. It's a great piece! Appreciated the tip about preparing the canvas and doing a little iron touch up, good to know.

  6. There are SO many great elements to this piece, and the subtle colors are beautiful-of course: I LOVE the silhouette, too!

  7. Beautiful! I love this vertical format, and I never seem to get around to trying it myself. I'll use this post as an inspiration! Thanks.

  8. I love the subdued colors and line work that create textures.. fits my aesthetic perfectly.

  9. Thanks, Donna. Sometimes work comes together easily and ends beautifully. This piece is in that category. Now if I can do it again I'll really be happy.


I appreciate comments and questions.

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